Private acquisitions

This page is devoted to a few works that have found buyers, unique pieces in clay and bronzes whose editions are now all sold. The following presentation is therefore far from exhaustive!


Acrobatic donkey

"The relevance of choice of materials, the discreet subtlety of forms, the references to which are sent back certain compositions, dress every blink of an eye of the discreet elegance that a keen visual artist on Art History, brings to sometimes unexpected convergences. The girl got on «the donkey tightrope walker» evokes irresistibly «the Angelodella...
Private acquisitions

Winter voyage

A horse in a boat, a blanket on its back. An old horse leaving on a journey, a very long journey that old horses take and from which they don’t return. And a young girl, an image of spring, who one last time rests her head on his muzzle and hides her tears in his mane. She will leave, this crossing is not for her, not yet. They both know this, the consent...
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