Young girl , meeting with places such as Bourdelle studio, frequent going out at the Louvre, encouragements of Etienne Martin at School of Fine Arts brought me naturally to sculpture.
The animal theme can supply as ways to be explored on esthetic, symbolic, emotional and erotic plans. My first rhinoceros form unstable equilibriums, where each one has to take care of the other in order not to fall. They are some times depressed, their horn subsided, but look at the sky with their rider, and make discover eros to small girls. I went from rhinoceros to elephant, to hippopotamus, playing structures so that they look like their models, but not too much . I just look for the balance point where the animal exists by itself and gives me its anatomical peculiarities to evoke a situation.
Contemporary Art broke the codes and allowed appearance of new footbridges between public and artist. Public has to appropriate or not these parts of unconscious. My fulcrum remains concern by report of forms, the set expression in an instant, the quality of the patina which have to give life to the bronze, of the choice of lands in agreement with the subject. It is rather simple in fact ... to question, surprise and create emotion.
If I manage to perform these “specifications”, it is worth while.