Museum acquisitions

I have frequently exhibited in museums which have acquired my work. In this way it is a chance for my work to live in the midst of others exhibits, out of time, and thus confuse the imaginary.

Museum acquisitions

Lying down

Sophie Verger appropriates collections to the point of her astonishing true-false recumbent on the Museum's central patio, blurring the lines between myth, archaeological reality and contemporary creation. (Extract from the exhibition catalogue "Sculptures en liberté")
Museum acquisitions

The octopus or my neighbour

From Octopus to Another The octopus had always haunted her. Among the many animal documentaries to be found on the web there are some that describe this animal as one of the most intelligent of marine life. In the human imagination, it is a very disturbing animal. Moreover she had sketched and then sculpted her into a somewhat bigoted woman, as if...
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