Sculptures for gardens

Medium to large format sculptures which will easily find their place in gardens and over time will acquire a patina and embrace the setting, exuding a crazy charm. Clay and bronze are living materials that interact with nature. I play with this interaction in my own sculpture garden, not hesitating to let lichen or ivy cling to a giraffe's dress to create whimsical designs. Here are some photos taken in the grounds of establishments, in collectors' gardens or in my own garden.


Acrobats in the garden

For the exhibition  "Sculptures en Liberté" and now to see in my galleries. The first bronze was produced for the "Sculptures en Liberté" exhibition organized jointly by the Val d'Oise Archaeological Museum and the Musée de l’Outil (the Tool Museum). The sculpture therefore spent the entire summer of 2020 on the lawns of the remarkable garden of the Musée...

Elephant in the garden

Sculpture : Eléphant au jardin Sculpture Bronze right on the photography 77,5 x 74 x 45 cm Limited edition of 8 numbered examples and four artist's proofs Art foundry Harze 2020
Museum acquisitions

The octopus or my neighbour

From Octopus to Another The octopus had always haunted her. Among the many animal documentaries to be found on the web there are some that describe this animal as one of the most intelligent of marine life. In the human imagination, it is a very disturbing animal. Moreover she had sketched and then sculpted her into a somewhat bigoted woman, as if...

Girafe enceinte

As a child, I was already much bigger than the other children and “giraffe” was my nickname in the school playground. In fact, this resemblance pleased me. This peaceful animal has a lanky grace, airy and wild and with large soft eyes. It is one of the rare animals which dates back to prehistoric times and one with which we can identify emotionally....
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