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Lying down

Sophie Verger appropriates collections to the point of her astonishing true-false recumbent on the Museum's central patio, blurring the lines between myth, archaeological reality and contemporary creation. (Extract from the exhibition catalogue "Sculptures en liberté")

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Every new exhibition is an adventure. For the catalogue of the Musée de la Côte d’Opale, Christopher, the graphic designer, wanted the photographs taken on the beach in order to illustrate the title of the exhibition Bêtes à Musée, Sculptures in the Open Air. The photographic technique scared me and recreating an atmosphere around my sculptures was a real...

Girafe enceinte

As a child, I was already much bigger than the other children and “giraffe” was my nickname in the school playground. In fact, this resemblance pleased me. This peaceful animal has a lanky grace, airy and wild and with large soft eyes. It is one of the rare animals which dates back to prehistoric times and one with which we can identify emotionally....
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