Giraffe and her three daughters
Giraffe and her three daughters
Giraffe and her three daughters
Giraffe and her three daughters
Giraffe and her three daughters
Giraffe and her three daughters

Giraffe and her three daughters

I created this sculpture in memory of my impressions of a girl born in the 1950s. At that time the pater familias was all powerful and a certain feminine solidarity was then necessary to grow without too much damage.

This sculpture could have been called the GYNECE (Greek term that has become generic for women's apartment, as opposed to the Andron for men – who went out when the women remained cloistered). The giraffe of course evokes Africa, but the “confinement” of women is universal and this term undoubtedly has its equivalent in several countries.

For my part, I sometimes find myself dreaming of a world without a couple: each and everyone would be independent and the children under everyone's responsibility. Today, more and more women are raising their children alone, much like, female bears, lionesses and most mammals. Some groups protect the little ones, some don't.
And we humans, where do we stand in this torn society?

If the ringed necks of my giraffes symbolize social pressure, I am convinced that after all this particularity, by force of circumstance, allows them to see further. I don't know what this mother is advising her children with tender gestures, hanging on her lips. A little devil in my head whispers to me “don’t marry girls” by Boris Vian but I add “or if you do it, with a lot of intelligence and discernment. »

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Artwork Details

Size (Height, Length, Depth)
77 x 16 x 23 cm
Numbered limited edition on 8 and 4 artist's proofs
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Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Cachet Harze

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Giraffe and her three daughters

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