The problem with the wolf
The problem with the wolf
The problem with the wolf
The problem with the wolf

The problem with the wolf

The wolf is a fascinating animal that is very present in the imagination of young and old alike. In this work, I've tried to explore that imaginary world, away from the predator-victim trope. This animal sculpture, acquired by the Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de Lille (MHNL), will be presented as part of the next exhibition on the theme of the wolf, scheduled for next spring in the same museum. Light brown patina over smoky black

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Some authors talk about it :

"You know wolf, sometimes... I’m the one who is scary.”

Hidden behind her gaze, an intensity which, in the sweetness of this confession, feels reassured: there could have been a demonstration, of "great theatre", but this simple confidence expresses in itself a fact: if you speak the truth, you might hurt someone. Fear feels vulnerable and therefore defensive...and who knows, maybe aggressive too...fear of backlash, but serene, with a glance, she continues while the moon disappears: tranquility of tone. The images used do not detract from the depth of the subject:

“I face you and reveal myself in confidence: … who are you wolf? ".


Artwork Details

Size (Height, Length, Depth)
Wolf 25 x 48 x 10 cm et little girl 20 x 9 x 7 cm et 13 x 9 x 12 cm et 13 x 10,5 x 5 cm
Number copies
Numbered and limited to 8 copies
Work authenticated and delivered with certificate of authenticity
Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Cachet Harze


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The problem with the wolf

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