Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Loup et petite fille ou le rêve
Wolf and Little Girl or The Dream

Wolf and Little Girl or The Dream

The Natural History Museum of Lille asked me to create two sculptures for the LIAISONS VITALES exhibition in 2020. On the theme of "the wild child" this little girl in perfect harmony with the wolf was then born, forming a pendant to Mowgli, Romulus and Remus. She falls asleep confidently, in osmosis, lulled by the song of her wolf mother.

“Nature is not only a world of fierce struggles, based on competition and survival of the fittest ! There are also many examples of positive relationships between living beings: solidarity, mutual aid, sharing, altruism... These natural behaviors remind us of the benefits of "living together". The exhibition questions the importance of these collaborations for survival: how does joining together allow better access to food, protection from predators, learning from others, raising young people, and even having fun? » excerpt from the exhibition catalog

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Some authors talk about it :

"I answer the call of the night",

The paths now lead me to make different choices than those of the clan that watched me grow and taught me life lessons to carry on, to believe in my free will no matter what. I took side roads and tried to understand what was unknown to me. I have adopted other mores, reinvented mine: granting one's trust is undoubtedly the best shelter and no matter the coat or the broken face that consoles us if the intention is good... in accordance with common sense.

… Shouting out gentleness without frightening the vibrations of the living.


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Size (Height, Length, Depth)
40 x 40 x 16 cm
Number copies
Numbered and limited to 8 copies
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Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Cachet Harze

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Wolf and Little Girl or The Dream

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