Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka
Bear in Kamchatka

Bear in Kamchatka

A revisited version of FISHING IN KAMCHATKA, this sculpture tells an additional story.

KAMCHATKA is the ARCADIA of bears, as the salmon resource is inexhaustible there. A fisch escapes : no big deal, the fisherman looks at the fugitive with amusement. He returns home with a determined step to feed his family, like the bear MARTIN of the fairy tales. A nod also to SAMIVEL whose illustrations of these fables enchanted me as a child and still enchant me just a much today.

This “ bear/fish's theme”  is closed to my heart. The bear is an ancient pagan god who was hunted down and dethroned in the Middle Ages by the lion, seizes fish in abundance. Revenge or harmony regained ?

But at the time of global warming and all the ecological issues, this representation could just as well, for future generations, become a new legend tribute to a disappeared profusion!

I entrusted the realization in bronze of this sculpture with rather large dimensions: 49 x 20,5 x 18 cm to the HARZE art foundry. For the patina, I chose a warm brown that brings out the green (copper nitrate) of the fish.

Thank you to the team who participated in this achievement!

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Artwork Details

Size (Height, Length, Depth)
49 x 20 x 18 cm
Numbered limited edition on 8 and 4 artist's proofs
Work authenticated and delivered with certificate of authenticity
Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Cachet Harze


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Bear in Kamchatka

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