A review of the exhibition in Zee-Land in Victoria Kloeck’s studio, Summer 2015 Based on the book Sur Terre en Mer

A Summer Chronicle

Picardy will merge into the Nord Pas de Calais, Greater Flanders will go from Lille to Zierikzee.
Greater Flanders, « Take a cathedral, Amiens or elsewhere … »;
Now from Picardy to go to Zierikzee we take the Zuid Beveland and the Zeelandbrug bridge which replaces the ferry
In the Netherlands, Europe wants to return to the sea the land which was reclaimed over a millennia from the sea by generations of hard-working peasants.
In France, the sea takes the country by storm
Yet the water will soon run out, but the water is rising. Look for the mistake !!!
The ports want to expand, we are creating artificial islands
The sea ice is melting, the polar bear on its piece of iceberg is seen on TV
Hectares of ponds line the Somme, where the wild geese nest
Water from all over northern Europe flows around Zeeland
In Berck, the fishermen on foot want to hunt the seals they accuse of eating their fish.
And factory ships eradicate marine life
Fukushima power plants contaminate the ocean in deadly silence
Islands of lastic drift, a brief item in the newspaper
The waters of the Tigris and Euphrates are blood red
The water is either undrinkable or we have to pay for it. Nothing stops money
We water, the fields, the politicians, the mafia
Are we building swimming pools? Swimming is prohibited elsewhere
In France, half of the water is lost in dilapidated water mains systems
A few million years ago Paris was at the bottom of a vast sea.
And if the water stops the fire, nothing will stop the water that will stop man.
Yet « Poetry is of all the clear waters the one that lingered the least on the reflections of its bridges ». René Char

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