The artist's companion

Companion of an artist. I live with an artist. Oh not just an amateur artist, no, an official artist, one registered with the Maison des Artists, one who is enrolled in galleries, one who exhibits, produces sculptures and lives ...

Today, retired, I want to talk about this strange world which "pulls together" like a matryoshka doll, complex, sometimes so pretentious that it can seem silly, sometimes touching, often anguished, but also creative… Sculpture therefore, the plastic arts, art, culture and all its actors, institutional or private, who mix in a world that is both closed but also
sometimes socially installed.

The life of an artist, we make films about this, books, songs .. In short, a whole social representation, a pure fantasy ... In short, a whole social representation, a pure fantasy ...

I have lived with an artist for more than thirty years, so I can tell you about it…To be the companion of an artist is also a profession.

It's a job, it's a life too. Of course I have my own life on the side. At first, it was necessary to earn a little money to buy the entrecote steaks to feed our dear, blonde headed little darlings. With six children between the two of us, they really took a large chunk from our budget. An artist at the start of her professional life does not "bring in" much. It was difficult for me too in that I did not know anything about this environment, its habits and customs, the role of the various actors. Seen from the outside this environment is really special, sometimes nice, sometimes much less so, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes dramatic, sometimes endearing.

Is this what I will tell you about in these chronicles of yesterday and today and tomorrow too? I will give myself a rhythm of one per fortnight.

Your reactions will be welcome and may be published, provided of course that you grant me the right to do so and also to agree that your contributions are not anonymous.

So, see you in two weeks on Friday February 26 on this site. Of course, any resemblance to individuals or institutions would be fortuitous and these chronicles are solely the responsibility of me and especially not Sophie Verger.

Gilles Baconnier, companion in the life of Sophie Verger
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