Understanding and integrating into the art world ?

Understanding and integrating into the art world?

Until the year 1995 I had to deal with many sectors of activity, from agriculture to university education, then through to judicial administration, associations and trade unionism. The art world was unknown to me then.

My meeting with Sophie Verger was going to upset all that.

We began living together when her activity as a sculptor was gradually beginning to take off.
I therefore observed the first partners in this sector in the light of my economic analyses.
At the time, the "art world" seemed to me to be a vast, rather undefined nebula.
I first spent time listening to speeches from local "artists" close to us.  The level of pretension amongst some of them and their ability to talk only about themselves sometimes made me laugh and then quickly tire. After a few meetings I had had my fill and I moved on to other things.

The word "artist" sounded extremely ambiguous. A typology was required but was not readily available.   Moreover, the word itself gives rise to many definitions, sometimes pejorative, without any consensus whatsoever thus allowing all kinds of definitions (therefore none).

Finally,  due to the obvious lack of clarity, I ended up being satisfied with the following definition: an artist is one who makes art. I was not any further forward.  

So I still had to define « Art ».

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