The waltz

The waltz

Two elephants waltz lightly, their“leaf” ears in the wind.

I call them internally Baucis and Philémon as I call the hornbeam with two intertwined, “braced” trunks in my garden. Perhaps Zeus, who transformed these two old people in love into a tree, visited my studio, but I don't really believe in this honor!

The Lalanne’s sculptures also often mixed plants and animals. I created this couple thinking a little about them and their “cabbage rabbit”.

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Some authors talk about it :

Oh the tenderness of these two elephants waltzing happily intertwined...

Their giant leaf-shaped ears remind us that they are an integral part of nature and that if we touch their environment we endanger them... just as we endanger our future generations by not taking care of our Mother-Earth.

We may be moved by this symbolic image, but are we able to accept here and now that we need to make this effort of attention...??

Thanks to our determination we must safeguard what allows us to continue to dream and simply to live to participate in the world’s waltz.


Artwork Details

Size (Height, Length, Depth)
43 x 37 x 30 cm et 42 x 39 x 20 cm
Number copies
Numbered and limited to 8 copies
Work authenticated and delivered with certificate of authenticity
Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Ccahet Yves Cabasson

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The waltz

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