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Some authors talk about it :

"The memory of tomorrow

To enter the world of Sophie Verger's sculptures is to risk love at first sight. Love at first sight... as mysterious in art as it is in love... which has nothing to do with a first time, because everything you find, discover or guess often turns out to already be there. And that's what touches us about the animal world as seen by Sophie Verger. We return to our origins, to the fundamental relationship between adults and children, a disguised, amused, mischievous and tender representation of life, or of what it could be if time were suspended. More than a discovery, Sophie Verger's sculptures are a revelation of the future. A knowing glance at a rhinoceros, the caper of a little girl on the horns of her favourite bull, the gentle gaze of a mother bear on her cub, the unfailing patience of a lion who will inevitably lose a few hairs in the game being played... in a second, the future springs into view.

Sophie Verger gives us the greatest gift of all: we travel back in time, into our memories, and thanks to this journey, we gain access to the memory of tomorrow.

Knowing that once we enter Sophie Verger's universe, we're going to live with something strong, something intense, that takes us back to our childhood, to pure exchanges, to absolute connivance, to the place we occupy in the chain of life and to the original relationships that built us. A promise for the future."

Marjorie Desmaret, Director of the Septentrion gallery

Artwork Details

Size (Height, Length, Depth)
9 x 26 x 5 cm
Number copies
Numbered limited edition on 8 and 4 artist's proofs
Work authenticated and delivered with certificate of authenticity
Hand signed work
Year of creation
Art foundry
Cachet Avangini

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