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A Little Wonder

A resumption of the theme "First child" for this sculpture which I created on the birth of Iris, my latest little grand-daughter. I applied myself to expressing what it feels like to be in front of a new-born baby, a mixture of worry for their future life in a changing world, and ofwonder.

Father and Daughter

The remembrance of being happily seated on the shoulders of a father, a hero in the eyes of this little girl. Little by little life will change this image. I wanted to fix this moment of perfect harmony.

Wild boar and her young

Wild BoarWe walk, they see us, invisible presences to our senses as city dwellers. Just maybe we hear a crackling sound, or we see their traces where they have turned and rooted through the earth on the edges of the forest paths. However, I remember four adorable young boars that I saw as they played, carefree, around the Neuville pond. Armed members of...

Acrobats in the garden

For the exhibition  "Sculptures en Liberté" and now to see in my galleries. The first bronze was produced for the "Sculptures en Liberté" exhibition organized jointly by the Val d'Oise Archaeological Museum and the Musée de l’Outil (the Tool Museum). The sculpture therefore spent the entire summer of 2020 on the lawns of the remarkable garden of the Musée...


Bronze sculpture : Quickly 13 x 15 x 7cm Limited edition of 8 numbered examples and four artist's proofs Art foundry Avangini 2020

Hold on tight !

Bronze sculpture 47 x 25 x 22 cm Limited edition of 8 numbered examples and four artist's proofs Art foundry Avangini 2020

Fish race

This bear was born from a moment of inspiration, very quickly, just after consulting the book "Land of the bears". Here is, having fun,  not knowing  "that he sums up the beauty of life at this end of the world"

Back from Fishing

Return from Fishing.  This bear cub was part of a group created in 2015.  I added the two fish in his arms.  Standing firmly on his two feet, the cub radiates the joy of living when one also has such beautiful fish to eat!

The bather

Whilst leafing through a book of photographs donated by my daughter Claire, I came across a Keystone Agency photo taken from behind of a little girl in a swimsuit, with a towel around her neck, going for a swim with a baby hippo.  An unusual idea since, a priori, I have never heard of anyone who dreamt of sharing their swim with this animal known to be...
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